Monday, November 8, 2021

Bellingham Bay

Bellingham Bay

The new Bellingham Bay fabrics by Island Batik for Studio 180 Design are beautiful and will be coming to quilt shops soon.  

Certified Instructors were challenged to design a quilt to use these beautiful fabrics.  As a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor, I took the challenge.  We were asked to use the Rapid Fire Hunter Star tool and any of the Studio 180 Design basic tools.  I choose the V Block and the Four Patch Square Up tools.    

V Block Units (made using the V Block tool) use purple, green, and background fabrics to create this design.  They are put together with Four Patch Units (made using the Four Patch Square Up tool) to create the blocks.  These blocks are joined with Hunter Star blocks to create this quilt.  The blocks finish at 9 inches.

The Hunter Star Blocks are made with the background and green fabrics with four blocks using purple fabric on one end to create the Hunter Star that is in the middle of the quilt.  


Center of the quilt.  Four Hunter Star blocks come together to make the star in the middle.


Quilting this quilt was fun.  I quilted it with free motion quilting.


We took a trip to Branson, Missouri for some photos.  Visited many of my favorite spots around Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo, including College of the Ozarks. 

At College of the Ozarks in their new Scripture Garden.

In the new gazebo that is in the Scripture Garden at College of the Ozarks overlooking Lake Taneycomo.

On the steps going down to Point Lookout on the College of the Ozarks campus.

At Point Lookout on the College of the Ozarks campus, overlooking Lake Taneycomo.


Near College of the Ozarks, south of Branson, overlooking Table Rock Lake Dam and Lake Taneycomo.

The remaining photos are at various places around Table Rock Lake.

Thank you, Studio 180 Design, for the opportunity to make this quilt using the beautiful Bellingham Bay fabrics from Island Batik.  It has been an honor to work with these fabrics.  

Thank you for visiting my Blog.

Terrie Welch

Owner of Quilters Journey, Salem, Missouri

Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! 2019

Well, 2019 is upon us and I am ready for a new year and new beginnings!  2018 was a difficult year for my family, but hopefully 2019 will be better.

The 1st Annual Quilters Journey Retreat will be January 24-27, 2019.  I have 11 signed up (including myself).  I have a lot planned for the Retreat.  We will have 3 classes offered.  One will be making a zippered bag with a fabric license plate.  There will be one on doing hand work with a little bit of applique'.  The third one is making a quilt using a Jelly Roll (2 1/2" strips) and a Layer Cake (10" squares).  There will be lots of time for sewing, good food, rest, and goodies to take home with you.  We will be doing two charity projects in the evenings, which are optional to participate in.  One will be making pillowcases for Russell House, which is a local women's and children's shelter.  The other is to make blocks for quilts that will be donated to the Veteran's Home in St. James, MO.  All fabric will be provided for these projects.  I am looking forward to this Retreat!  I hope you signed up and are looking forward to it, too.  It should be a great time to get some sewing done with no interruptions! 

It's time to start a new Third Saturday Sampler Quilt!  Are you ready to start a new quilt?  The Third Saturday Sampler is on the third Saturday of each month.  Come in January on the third Saturday at 10:00!  Please try not to be late.  You may miss some important information.  I will show you the first block and tell you how to make it.  Purchase your block for $5.00.  Take it home, make it, bring it back the next third Saturday for the next block.  You will receive your next block free if you are there at 10:00 the third Saturday of the month with your block finished.  We will start with an easy block and then progress to harder blocks.  This year's quilt will be done with black and white fabrics and another color or two.  So, join us January 19th to start the new Third Saturday Sampler Quilt!

What goals have you set for the New Year?
I would like to work out a system to use up scrap fabrics.  I just read a book on Kindle that I downloaded some time ago called Scrapstashtic Quilts by Janellea Macbeth.  She developed her own system of cutting up scraps and using every scrap, even the tiny bits that most people throw away.  She used them as stuffing to make toys and dog beds.  I have used them to make a large dog bed and have been saving those tiny bits for another one.  My kids each have a large dog, so when I get two done I can give them each a dog bed for my granddogs.  I probably have enough to make another dog bed, I just need to sew up a large piece of fabric to put all the scraps in. 
I would also like to finish up some things I started many years ago.  I look around my room downstairs where my quilting machine is and at the shelves I have around the house and see all the boxes of projects I have started and not finished.  How much time would it take to finish one of them?  Probably not very long.  Why didn't I finish it at the time I was making blocks?  Did I decide I didn't like it?  Did I get bored with it?  Was there a problem with the blocks?  I don't know.  Maybe I should get one of those out and put it together.  Maybe I didn't like it after I started it.  I could donate it to a local charity.  I have so many quilt.  Why do I need another one?  There are people in my family who do not have a quilt that I have made.  I had a goal to make a twin size quilt for all my great nieces and nephews for Christmas last year, but didn't make it.  That is 14 quilts!  Fourteen twin size quilts!  I could try to finish that goal for this next Christmas.  I did get a lot of twin size quilts pieced for Strip Club.  I didn't get them all quilted, so I could finish them and then I will be close to having enough to give them for Christmas this year. 
The Salem Quilt Guild is doing a UFO Challenge.  We listed 6 quilts we wanted to finish this year.  Rolled a dice and we have two months to finish that quilt.  I have 3 of mine already quilted, binding is not finished yet, but they are quilted.
I also have several quilt kits that I have purchased and was going to make.  I need to get them out and cut them out so they are ready to sew.  I ordered another one yesterday!  Okay, I have a lot to do.  I should cut out up to take to the Retreat! 
Okay, I am rambling now.  I will stop for now. 
To sum up some goals for 2019:
     1. Cut up scraps to use up.  Develop a system to manage them.
     2. Finish an old project.
     3. Cut out kits that I have purchased and start sewing them.
     4. Finish 14 twin size quilts for the Greats.
     5. Finish UFO list.

That should be enough to work on.  What are your 2019 Quilting Goals?  Leave a comment and share what you want to get done this year.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Back to business

Quilter's Journey is back to business.  School is out, Track is over, Terrie is retired, and Quilter's Journey is back to it's regular business hours.  In case you forgot what they were...We are open Wednesday-Friday Noon-6:00 and Saturday 10:00-3:00.
Thank you for being so patient with us while Mary was helping with things at home and Terrie was finishing her last year of school. 
We look forward to seeing you again. 
Happy Sewing!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Shop Hop

Well, another Shop Hop has come and gone.  What a great weekend!  Thank you to all the wonderful people who came by Quilter's Journey Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!  It was great to see familiar faces and new faces!  We had a great time and I believe it as a success!  We have our meeting tomorrow to draw for prizes!  Good luck to everyone!  I wish everyone could win, but that can't happen.   I will post the winners tomorrow evening.

Quilter's Journey will, once again, change it's hours.  Because of Track practice starting and Mary retiring from the shop, Quilter's Journey will only be open on Saturdays until the end of May (when Track is over and school is out).  I am sorry for any inconvenience that may cause you.  If you have an emergency, you can call me (Terrie) on my cell phone (247-0012) and we can make arrangements.  I won't get finished with Track Practice each day until after 5:00 and we will start Track Meets soon, which are on Thursdays most weeks.  So, to set hours would be impossible.  I hope you all understand.  We will go back to our regular hours of Wednesday-Friday, Noon-6:00 and Saturday, 10:00-3:00 when school is out. 

Thank you for your understanding!

Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quilter's Journey

Welcome to Quilter's Journey BlogSpot!
We are a quilt shop located in rural Missouri. 
Our hours are Wednesday-Friday, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. and Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  Starting March 7, 2016, we will only be open on Saturdays until the end of May.  At that time, I am retiring from my teaching position.  After my retirement, Quilter's Journey will be open Wednesday-Friday, Noon-6:00 p.m. and Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
We have a program that we call Third Saturday Sampler.  On the Third Saturday of each month, starting in January, come to the shop at 10:00 a.m.  There will be demos and we will show our new merchandise.  We start a new quilt each year.  Purchase the first block that Saturday for $5.00.  Make your block before the next Third Saturday, bring it with you on the next Third Saturday, stay for the demo, and receive the next block free!  If you come every month, you can receive all of your quilt blocks for a quilt for $5.00!  If you have to miss a Third Saturday, come in anytime after the Third Saturday to purchase your block for $5.00, make your block and get back on track. 
This year, the quilt we are making has optional border blocks that you can purchase.  You will receive fabric for 4-5 blocks for $7.00.  There will be 5 sets of border blocks that you can purchase and make.  They will be available every month or every other month (I haven't decided yet).

We are also doing the Moda Sampler Block Shuffle.  You can purchase 3 patterns for $1.00 at Quilter's Journey or download them from this BlogSpot.  They will be available on this BlogSpot for the month between each Third Saturday.  The first three are available at the top of the page.  You can print as many copies as you want.  To print them, open the page, right click on the image and select "copy".  Open a word document.  Right click on the word document and select "paste".  This will put the image in the word document so you can print the image or save it to your computer. 
If you purchase them from the shop, the money will go to a local charity.  This will only be available for one month starting the Third Saturday in January (January 16, 2016).
I am suggesting that you get a binder or some type of notebook to put all your patterns in, unless you are saving them to your computer.
These blocks do not take much fabric to make.  We will have "Cake Pops" available at Quilter's Journey to purchase.  They are a 10" square that is rolled up and held together with a rubber band.  We have lots of fabrics available with more to follow.  You can use the "Cake Pops" to make your blocks.

The third thing we are starting this year is a Quilter's Journey Ruler Club.  The first ruler is the 8" Rainbow Template by Elisa's Backporch Design.  She has some patterns that use that ruler.  We will have 2-3 of the patterns available to purchase.  The rulers are on order.  If they arrive tomorrow, we will start the Ruler Club this Saturday.  If they do not come in, we will start in February.  Come to Quilter's Journey to find out what it is all about!

That's all for now. 
Happy Quilting!